SAP Migration to AWS

Minfy supports organizations to transform their SAP enterprise environments to the AWS cloud with scale, speed, and agility. We are the first public cloud service provider partner to achieve 35+ SAP HANA Migrations milestone. Our solutions empower your enterprise systems to align with rapid innovation, provisions and migrations, with time, cost, and security benefits.

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Cost Control

We help you obtain a reasonably priced platform for your SAP environment. Minfy’s scalable solutions make enterprises pay only for the services used and help them achieve cost control goals with reduced staff and low inventory costs.

Achieve Growth

Minfy’s SAP solution redefines automation for increased business productivity, flexibly transform your business models for strategic alignment with changing organizational priorities, and prepare you relentlessly deliver true customer value at scale.

Avoid downtime

No more productivity compromise with aging and obsolete software platforms. We help you eliminate downtime associated with legacy systems with the effective application of technology and innovation.

Limited liabilities

Limit high maintenance and physical IT footprints. We help you achieve true agility in infrastructure automation and implementation. Optimum use of resources modernizes software platform while eliminating manual controls.

Why Migrate SAP Workloads?

Optimize your SAP environment by migrating to AWS

Running SAP applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables your business to be more agile, cost-effective, and secure than running SAP on premises. The breadth and depth of AWS services provide traditional and emerging technologies to help you better support your evolving
business needs and drive new value from SAP workloads. AWS provides tools and resources to help you migrate to the cloud quickly and reliably, whether you are simply lifting and shifting your existing environment, or migrating to SAP HANA. In addition, the AWS Partner Network(APN) Partners provide tools and best practices to help you accelerate your SAP migration and successfully and optimize manage SAP workloads on the AWS Cloud.

Case Studies

Minfy empowers forward-looking businesses to thrive in the IT landscape. Over the years, we have sustained steady growth, driven by customer centricity and operational excellence. We provide the digital building blocks to better manage your company and align it with changing business demands in the digital economy


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Minfy helped NSDC to migrate their mission-critical SAP S4HANA workloads to AWS Cloud… Read More

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