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Minfy has leverage AWS solutions including Amazon EBS, S3 & Glacier to provide secure and efficient storage solutions for running primary workloads in the cloud or extending an on-premises solution to create a hybrid architecture.

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File Transfer & Data Replication

We are expertise in moving data from legacy storage solutions to Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS using a host of third-party solutions to provide a secure and reliable way of migrating the data from on-premise to AWS Cloud.

Backup & Recovery

We partner with Storage solution providers to transform traditional backup and recovery operations to scalable storage. Leveraging Amazon S3 or Glacier as the target for backups to provide high durability for AWS workloads.

Primary Storage

We have proven capabilities around AWS Cloud to provide cost-efficient storage solutions such as Amazon EBS and Amazon S3 and Glacier to store data in a secure and reliable way.

Disaster Recovery

We have proven experience in setting up Disaster Recovery Sites on AWS leveraging RTO and RPO recovery strategies to ensure full resiliency of our client’s assets



It was founded on the principle of using emerging technology and innovation to advance communication and collaboration in healthcare, This unique perspective allows CloudStorz to identify deficiencies within the workflow process of medical image acquisition and retrieval, and provide a comprehensive cloud-based image archival and communications system that is truly device-agnostic. CloudStorz can work with ANY surgical imaging system, without conflicting with hospital-based networking and access controls.

Case Studies

Minfy empowers forward-looking businesses to thrive in the IT landscape. Over the years, we have sustained steady growth, driven by customer centricity and operational excellence. We provide the digital building blocks to better manage your company and align it with changing business demands in the digital economy

Sree Venkateswara Films
Media & Entertainment
Minfy redefined SVF data management with cost-cutting AWS technologies Read More

Shore Group
IT & Software Industry

Minfy leveraged Shore Group with auto-scalability and high versatility optimum performance as per load… Read More

Healthcare & Medical

Minfy enabled EndoHub™ with cost optimization, security and interoperability benefits… Read More

SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited
Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Minfy leveraged SREI with auto-scalability and high versatility optimum performance as per load…Read More

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