We augment human capacity with a bionic approach

We believe in a symbiotic relationship between humans and the future of tech. We leverage technology to its full potential to hyper-automate our own processes. We enable and empower our people with wisdom and traits that only humans can possess. Our customers benefit from our bionic approach with lower costs, faster response and empathetic engagement. Based on our experience, more and more customers want to embrace our bionic model and digitally transform themselves. Our customers are successful in adopting cloud and embracing AI since we do not push the technology agenda but clearly demonstrate how people become more effective in roles and have better experience.

We partner to create your future. We help you design your journey.

The world as we know is changing. We enable our customers to become future ready. We adopt a growth mindset and commit ourselves fully to our customers. We not only help customers visualize, but actualize their future. We help our customers design their journey to the future and do not restrict them with limited options of paths and speeds. Recognizing that each customer and their context is unique, and the journey must be tailormade. We always ensure that our partnership journey with our customers is satisfying and enriching.

We are outcome driven

As an organization, we are outcome led. We start by defining the target outcome, then work backwards to define the path and approach, always making sure that we create the most efficient path that eliminates redundant and non-value adding steps. Essential steps and actions are then fully automated to maximize velocity. Our teams are fully devoted to achieving the outcome and remain relentless in face of challenges.

We adopt a remote-first approach

We have developed a remote-first model fully recognizing that our customers are diverse, and the world is moving towards a hybrid engagement model. Our processes are designed to provide a consistent and predictable experience irrespective of our customers size, location, industry, or geography. We have 24 x 7 customer support model to ensure resilient operations.

We firmly believe in our core values

When faced with conflicting choices, our core values guide us to make the right decisions. Human empathy precedes a rule. We constantly endeavor to do the right thing for our customers and not get restricted by narrowly defined procedure. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethics when we deal with sensitive data on cloud including PII. We may refuse AI or data intensive projects if we believe there is a breach of privacy and trust.

We were born in the cloud. In 2016. Today we are…



500+ Migrations Engagements

15+ Large Data Centre Migrations

60+ SAP Migrations

Cloud Managed Services

6000+ Instances Being Managed

21000+ Monthly Ticket Resolutions

Industry Verticals

10+ HCLS Customers

30+ BFSI Customers

50+ E&R Customers

10+ Public Sector Customers


Cloud Certifications

150+ Certified Consultants

120+ AWS Certifications

Delivery Excellence

24*7 Operation Centre

2 Delivery Centers

Leadership Team from Tier 1 IT Companies



Consistently Doubled Topline Annually


Rapidly Growing Global Organization









Migration Accelerators

Cloud Storz

SAP Myriad

BFSI Accelerate

Cloud Management


AI – Ops

AI Chabot


Industry Solutions






Banking and Financial Services


Public Sector

Energy & Resources

Minfy Competencies

Certifications & Badges

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Here’s how we work

Human values are at the core of Minfy. We are driven by ethics and thrive on mutual respect and trust. While our approach to business is outcome driven, our premise to make that happen is integrity and self- conscience. Wedded to this innate Indian principle of triumphing with truth, we aspire to be a global and diverse entity, where human empathy and dedication to all the stakeholders is paramount. Augmenting human capacity in every stride of ours, we are sworn to a future where technology is leveraged to serve humanity and not replace humans.

Solution Mindset

Finds solutions to customers problems first.

Has a vision for the solutions’ outcomes

Able to deliver complex multi-tiered solutions

Customer Obsession

Knows what the customer needs today

Knows what the customers needs look like tomorrow

Believes Customers’ success is the most critical deliverable

Pains, Gains & Empathy

Empathetic to customer needs and environment

Understands customer’s pain and gains thoroughly

Empathetic to fellow Minfyians goa

Customer’s Money Counts

Optimize customers spends to the last cent

Scrutinize all spends regularly and save where necessary

Help customer invest in value with integrity

Knowledge is Power

Understands Customer Business and Industry

Sights firmly set on what will come tomorrow

Knows the evolution of AWS thoroughly and is always Up-to-date

Always Learning

Wants to gain and share knowledge

Learning is a part of everyday

Will seek to find solutions and help others connect the dots

Point of View Matters

Has Opinions and a point of view

Puts forth ideas lucidly

Shares ideas fearlessly and learns from failures

Agree/Disagree; Align & Dream

Agrees and disagrees constructively

Has Customer, Company, team and then self as priority

Is aligned to the team and has shared values

Our Leadership

Vijay Jain

Co – Founder, Sr Director

Know Vijay in Detail

Vivek Jain

Co-founder & Director

Know Vivek in Detail

Vikram Manchanda


Know Vikram in Detail

Shankar TR

Chief Officer - Growth and Strategy

Know Shankar in Detail

Ravi Shankar


Know Ravi in Detail

Amit Kataria

Chief Human Resources Officer

Know Amit Kataria in Detail

Karan Mutha

Sales Director

Know Karan in Detail

Kiran Kumar Tupalli

Head – Delivery & Support

Know Kiran in Detail

Magendar Rajasekaran

Marketing Leader

Know Mags in Detail

Anirban De

Pre-Sales Lead – Data and Analytics

Know Anirban De in Detail

Rahul Bhatia

Lead – Innovation and IP Creation

Know Rahul Bhatia in Detail

Ritayan Banerjee

Head of Infrastructure Engineering Services

Know Ritayan in Detail

Rupendra Bhatnagar

Industry Lead – Energy and Resources

Know Rupendra in Detail


Vice President - Service Delivery

Know Satya in Detail

Jaideep Sen

Chief Business Officer

Know Jaideep Sen in Detail

Nikhil Polepally

Tech Leader - US

Know Nikhil in Detail

Sachin Sharma

Director – ANZ

Know Sachin Sharma in Detail

Stephen Rowley

Director — Singapore

Know Stephen in Detail

Dr Amit Sinha


Know Amit in Detail

Dr. Hemant Kumar

Advisor, Healthcare & Lifesciences

Know Hemant in Detail

A growing list of Awards and Recognition


2020 & 2022

CRN Excellence
Award - Enterprise


AWS Worldwide
Public Sector Award


APN Rising Star
Partner of the year
(Public Sector)


APN Differentiation
Partner of the Year


CRN Excellence
Awards Category


APN Excellence
Award Rising Star
Partner of the year


APN Excellence
Award Rising Star
Partner of the Year
Asia Pacific


APN Excellence
Awards Rising Star
Consulting Partner -
South India


Minfy Born-in-the-cloud to Bionic Journey

Our Shared Successes

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Entertainment | India

Minfy leveraged IaC allowing them to Migrate and Deploy at a click of a button.

#Migration #AWS Cloud

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Energy | India

Minfy aids in acceleration of innovation with the help of AWS

Migration #AWS Cloud #Public Sector 

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Public Sector | India

Minfy improved supply chain efficiencies across the nation by facilitating an AWS-enabled tax compliance solution for a leading global audit firm

#DevOps #AWS Cloud #Start-Up #CICD

For life-changing Careers

There’s never a dull day at Minfy. We are a young, knowledge-driven and high-energy team providing better cloud solutions to our customers digital transformation challenges. Our R&D team is world class and is at any given point creating revolutionary products for the cloud community. We at Minfy are committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do — from how we handle our business to how we treat our people. We are proudly an equal opportunity workplace. If you’re passionate about our journey, explore open roles or just start a conversation with us, and together we can do great things!

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