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Piping pioneer migrates SAP Sybase ASE DR to the cloud with Minfy

Minfy helps a Piping Pioneer and India’s best Piping Brand move its SAP Sybase ASE DR Setup from On Prem to AWS Cloud


• 90% Uptime

• 40% Cost Optimization

• DR Test: RPO - 15 Minutes; RTO - 2 Hours

Minfy Viewpoints

• Agility and uptime are proven, twin benefits of cloud migration.
• Landscaping of the existing architecture and mapping it for the cloud are critical inputs.
• Disaster Recovery testing has to be fail-saf

Minfy’s Unclouded Answers

Step 1 – Customer need

Astral Polyteknik began its IT transformation by deploying SAP. With rising and recurring costs of Opex in maintaining databases on prem, Astral decided to migrate its SAP Sybase ASE DR onto AWS cloud with system replication for production system database redundancy. The prevailing situation was the on prem HADR Setup. The primary site was on prem and a standby node was on AWS.

Step 2 - Methodology

Minfy approached the customer situation with its value added expertise and studied the SAP landscape in detail. Using years of similar
expertise, the Minfy team went about the migration journey by adhering to these four critical steps:
a. Assessment of workloads and mapping them to AWS services
b. AWS Infrastructure Architecture Design and Implementation
c. SAP ASE SRS replication for DR Setup on AWS
d. Maintaining performance efficiency similar to the current infrastructure

Step 3 - Checklist

The Minfy team ensured the:
1. SAP System and landscape on AWS was provisioned similar to the primary setup
2. System replication for SAP ASE DB was configured
3. Creation of required users and authorizations in both primary and standby Databases
4. Installation of Sybase Data Movement Agent in both primary and standby databases
5. SAP ASE System Replication was configured to fulfil the RPO SLA.

Step 4 – Execution of solution

Execution of the solution was done.
1. SAP System and landscape on AWS was provisioned similar to primary setup.
2. Preparation and Execution of HADR response files for both primary and standby databases
3. Copy DB from primary to secondary and restore.
4. Initiate Materialize command to sync the logs in Standby with Primary database
5. Monitoring HADR replication
6. Failover testing from primary to standby and fail back from standby to primary
7. DR Drill plan with the proposed and actual completion timelines.



With an agile and 24x7 accessible production ERP in place Astral Polyteknik discovered the benefits of timely and smooth production to delivery alignment. It boosted the customer’s confidence in better integration of the much needed information pathways, across the various departments linked to production. Specifically, Minfy ensured:

• 99.9% up time
• Cost optimization with AWS agility - Instances can be scaled up and down on-demand
• Successful DR test by capturing the RPO (15 Minutes)/RTO (2 Hours) which are essentialto meet DR requirements


“Piping up agility and doing it with an eye on the costs seems to be a goal with a bonus. Two birds with one stone…”

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