ML Modernization

Set, Speed and Scale Efficiency & Optimisation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Modernization.

Enrich your core workflows, unlock deep insights and accelerate your migration from manual analytics with future-ready with AI automation & ML modernization techniques

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Enable Machine Learning Modernization and Build Business-Critical models at scale.

Leverage AI automation & ML modernization techniques to augment your possibilities and reach beyond your organisational goals.

Business Benefits


Uplift your IT operations with ML based virtualization tools


Ensure smooth Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with well architected cloud-based infrastructure.


Easily determine when to scale up or down with modernised ML models depending upon your service capacity and business requirements.


Enhance and expand your accessibility to all users and their data anywhere.


Enable simultaneous work by multiple users on the same data, always deliver better value to your customers.

Is Machine Learning Modernization for You?

If you’re experiencing any of the pain points below, we have just the solution to address them.

Business Challenges

Does training ML models for improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) take too long due to the large volumes of historical data?

Are your ML models unable to process large volumes of collected data from equipment monitoring instruments in real time?

Are your ML models unable to correctly detect equipment status or make correct predictions sometime after production deployment?


AWS SageMaker allows you to train ML models on powerful virtual machines that can make ML model training quicker

With the power of the cloud, your ML systems can take advantage of automatic scaling to adopt to fluctuations in the volume of transactions while remaining cost-efficient

We will help you develop automated model monitoring pipelines on AWS SageMaker so that model drift is automatically detected and model re-training is performed as needed.

Why You Should Work on Machine Learning Modernization?

Modernization of machine learning platforms involves its own operations and business complexities. There are several platforms that serve similar purposes and check off some of the same boxes. But a close comparison shows that there are many loopholes, especially when it comes to the robustness and completeness of the feature sets.

Industry Specific Solutions

We know how to leverage AI technology & ML algorithms to address your industry-specific issues efficiently, enhance
the organizational workflow, and smoothly bring digital transformation.


Streamline and optimize processes varying from credit decisions to financial risk management and claims processing. Through AI-enabled bots, chatbots and advanced data analytic tools, automate your business processes, enhance workflow, and increase profitability to more accurate consumer pricing and reduce false claims.

• Financial forecasting
• Risk management
• Fraud detection
• Credit scoring
• Automated repair cost estimation
• Smart advisors and personalized wealth management
• Automated applications processing

Reduce paperwork, boost clinical performance, and increase diagnostics accuracy while ensuring high-level data protection. Using ML algorithms process large amounts of health data and derive actionable insights using computer vision, text and sound recognition, and NLP.

Common Use Cases:
• Diagnostics automation
• Personalized healthcare
• Identifying at-risk patients
• Intelligent medical imaging
• AI-driven pharmaceutical research
• ML for clinical data analysis
• Trial prediction and optimization
• Simplified data management with NLP

Accurately analyze vast volumes of data, bring transparency between suppliers and manufacturers, improve trust, and grow overall supply chain resilience. AI-powered logistics to underpin critical operational decisions leveraging smart forecasting, recommendations for optimal orders size, and estimated delivery time. Using future ready ML algorithms easily mitigate risks, save costs, and increase security.

Common Use Cases:
• Intelligent decision-making
• Vehicle maintenance prediction
• Supply chain automation
• Optimized routing and scheduling
• Traffic prediction and real-time updates
• Smart fleet and staff management

Today’s consumers tend to become smart buyers and prefer better value and customer experience. AI solutions take clients’ expectations even further by treating each customer specially and providing unique personalised experiences quickly, every time they need it, and even before they notice the need.

Common Use Cases:
• Conversational commerce
• Personalized shopping
• Recommendation engines
• Lifetime value prediction
• Dynamic pricing
• Cross-selling and upselling
• Buyer behaviour and satisfaction
• Autonomous customer support and chatbots

AI Automation and ML Modernization Process and Methodology

We follow a systematic ML Modernization Framework to minimize friction and ensure successful migration.


We start with a discovery workshop to assess where you are in the ML modernization journey. We will also help identify the best pilot projects to migrate to the cloud to quickly deliver business value.


We create a plan for modernizing and migrating your ML systems to the cloud, with concrete steps and timelines customized to your existing ML environments. We also identify the success metrics that will indicate a successful ML modernization project.


We ensure that the people, processes, and environments are mobilized for the ML modernization activities to ensure a smooth and frictionless transition to the cloud. We help with change management, process engineering, and infrastructure preparations.


We start the ML modernization activities as planned. We begin with a small number of pilot projects and ensure that the success metrics are achieved, and then we scale up and extend it to the rest of your ML systems.


Once on the cloud, we monitor the performance of your ML environments in production to make sure that all your ML systems work as expected. We keep an eye on the success metrics and ensure that they are consistently achieved.


We perform enablement sessions to equip your resources to manage and govern your ML environments following industry best practices. We turn over the different components to the identified resources and carry out validation activities to ensure that your resources are prepared to operate the systems moving forward.

Ready to Skyrocket your business with future ready AI & ML modernization solutions?

Lets discuss your requirements to take your business to a next level of productivity and services.

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