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Shared Successes

Empowering Healthcare Insights with a Data Lake: Streamlining Healthcare Data with S3 Data Lake & QuickSight

HealthCare | India

Unlock the potential of healthcare data with our comprehensive guide to leveraging S3 Data Lake and QuickSight. Transform your insights and streamline healthcare data management for improved outcomes.

#HealthcareData #DataLake #S3 #QuickSight #HealthcareInsights #DataManagement #EmpoweringHealthcare

Transforming Parcel Delivery: POS Malaysia’s Path to AWS

Fintech | India

Explore the groundbreaking transformation of POS Malaysia's parcel delivery system as they leverage AWS services, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and AWS Glue, to overcome challenges, streamline operations, and provide customers with precise Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) predictions.

#CloudMigration #AWS #ManagedServices #DigitalTransformation #DataAnalytics

Efficiency Unleashed: How Minfy’s Automated Strategy Transformed UGRO’s Cloud Resource Management

Fintech | India

Discover Minfy's success story with U GRO: Proactive strategies, automated checks, and Swayam™ tool redefine resource management, cost optimization, and fiscal prudence. Explore how idle resources were addressed, S3 storage costs mitigated, and a 63 TB data transfer challenge managed, all through systematic approaches and innovative solutions.

#CloudMigration #AWS #ManagedServices #DigitalTransformation

Catalyzing Success: Cholamandalam’s DevOps Transformation Journey

This case study showcases of how Minfy, an AWS Premier Partner, helped Chola, a leading financial services provider, to improve their software deployments using DevOps solutions on AWS. The website explains the customer challenges, the Minfy solution, and the business outcomes of the project.

Minfy Unlocks New Possibilities for Ayur.AI with AI Healthcare Solutions

Ayur.AI has a deep domain knowledge and understanding of holistic healthcare practices to transform healthcare into a more proactive, preventive, and patient-centric experience by combining Ayurveda with modern science.

Pos Malaysia’s AWS Revolution

POS Malaysia

"Discover how Pos Malaysia leveraged AWS services to enhance customer experience, optimize operations, and predict Estimated Arrival Times with precision."

#CloudLogistics #ETAImprovement #AWSInnovation
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Blog | Understanding the Mechanisms: How Retrieval Augmented Generation Keeps LLMs Up to Date

Understanding the Mechanisms: How Retrieval Augmented Generation Keeps LLMs Up to Date

By Minfy | 28 March 2024

Discover the inner workings of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and its pivotal role in keeping Large Language Models (LLMs) current. Unravel the mechanisms behind this innovative approach and stay ahead in the world of AI advancement.

Blog | Minfy’s Innovative Approach to Creating Preliminary Discharge Reports

Minfy’s Innovative Approach to Creating Preliminary Discharge Reports

By Minfy | 14 March 2024

Minfy aims to streamline healthcare delivery to boost productivity. We offer a suite of AI-powered solutions for organizations of any size — from small clinics to major hospitals. These tools automate tedious tasks, freeing up precious staff hours for direct patient care.

Events | AWS re:INVENT 2023

Minfy at re:Invent 2023: Unleashing AI and the Power of AWS Solutions in Las Vegas

By Minfy | 09 November 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023 is right around the corner, set to take place from November 27th to December 1st in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Read this guide to discover all that you need to know before heading for AWS re:Invent 2023 at Las Vegas.

Blog | Prompt Engineering for Developers

How Prompt Engineering Shapes AI Performance for Developers

By Minfy | 30 August 2023

Discover how the effectiveness of tasks performed by Language Models relies on skillful prompt engineering. Learn how precise prompts drive accurate responses, as we delve into the impact of well-crafted instructions on model performance.

Blog | How to build a scalable datalake on AWS

How to build a scalable datalake on AWS

By Minfy | 11 August 2023

Unlock the Power of Scalable Data Storage with AWS - Build a cost-effective, scalable data lake on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to effortlessly store, process, and analyze massive data volumes from diverse sources. Learn how AWS empowers businesses to meet their data challenges head-on.

Blog | Healthcare Data to Perform Advanced Analytics

Healthcare Data to Perform Advanced Analytics

By Minfy | 09 August 2023

Discover the untapped power of unstructured healthcare data in driving advanced analytics. Explore real-world applications, challenges, and game-changing technologies like AI and NLP that extract insights from diverse sources.

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Minfy News

Minfy News

Minfy Signs Multi-Year Strategic Collaboration Agreement With AWS To Support US$500 million in Global Business Growth.

By Minfy | 27 March 2024

Discover how Minfy's groundbreaking collaboration with AWS fuels unprecedented global business growth, targeting a staggering US$500 million. Unveil the strategic partnership driving innovation and expansion in the digital landscape.

Minfy Achieved AWS Resilience Competency Status

Minfy bolsters its commitment to delivery with AWS Resilience Competency

By Minfy | 19 January 2024

Discover resilience in the cloud with Minfy, a premier AI solutions and Cloud Native Systems Integrator. Proudly achieving the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resilience Competency in Resilience Recovery, Minfy empowers AWS customers to enhance the availability and resilience of their critical workloads, ensuring seamless operations in the cloud.

News | Minfy wins AWS partner of the year for the third time

Minfy wins AWS partner of the year for the third time

By Minfy | 15 September 2023

Discover Minfy's triumphant journey at the AWS Partner Summit in Goa! On September 14, 2023, Minfy clinches the 'SI Partner of the Year 2023' for the third time, reaffirming their excellence in AWS partnership since 2020.

News | Minfy Wins AWS Consulting Partner of the Year for 2022

Minfy Wins AWS Consulting Partner of the Year for 2022

By Minfy | 25 November 2022

At the AWS Partner Summit event held in Bangalore recently, it was announced that Minfy has won the prestigious AWS Consulting Partner of the Year 2022 Award - the top honour of the event.

Minfy News

Minfy Appoints Amit Kataria as CHRO for Its Global Business

By Minfy | 07 November 2022

Minfy Technologies is a Cloud Native System Integrator helping enterprises, start-ups and fast-growing businesses is pleased to announce the new CHRO, Amit Kataria, for its global business.

Minfy Achieved AWS Managed Service Provider Designation

Minfy Achieved AWS Managed Service Provider Designation

By Minfy | 17 January 2022

Minfy Technologies today announced acceptance into the robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program.

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Minfy Events

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