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Meet the need for digital dexterity

The force of change, the need to be agile and the necessity of being flexible is what a business demands today. This dynamically drives the modernization of applications — and hence, their platforms, architecture and integration. A system made up of discrete component capabilities with well-defined interfaces delivers “digital dexterity, ” which allows those components to change, operate, expand, evolve and be replaced independent of the rest of the system.

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Transformation Roadmap

DevSecOps Solution Framework

DevSecOps Solutions

DevOps Transformation Services

Accelerate your release cycles and realize the greater business value through augmentation of fully-automated CICD deployment along with AI enabled systems in a single click for improved speed & quality decisions. Augment security best practices to leverage SAST & DAST tools to evolve from a culture of DevOps to DevSecOps.

Containerization as a Service

Evolve the future of your applications, transform from monolithic to containers or microservices architecture to save cost yet and scale your application performance, to accelerate your business agility and deliver more applications with lesser dependencies.

Infrastructure as a Code

Automation is the key for DevOps transformations, when evolving from a project mindset to an SRE culture, churning out mutable infrastructure in a click of a button to improve resiliency & reduces the cost of failure through automatic rollbacks & DR invocation.

Platform Ops Support

Strengthen your DevSecOps with PlatformOps Capability. It is the first step for your SRE culture, to evolve from a project mindset to a to product mindset – create a single Pane Control for your – ePaas, fPaas, VM Orchestration , Container Orchestration- Iaas & Caas.

Site Reliability Engineering

Augment decision-making in DevOps by leveraging AI, which helps to scale the support with perspective & predictive analysis, triage and deduplicate alerts, Automate - “Measure- Interpret & Act functions”, Train AI –Models from human interventions and automate future RCAs.

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Our Shared Successes


Manufacturing | India

Minfy developed a robust and secure, DevOps compliant, AWS cloud-hosted infrastructure architecture for iQuippo for zero downtime deployments, and conduction of large financial transactions. 

#AWS Cloud #DevOps #Contruction 

VFS Global

Travel | Switzerland

Minfy enabled VFS with scale and agility while increasing the productivity and lowering their costs

#DevOps, #Containerization, #Kubernetes

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Public Sector | India

Minfy improved supply chain efficiencies across the nation by facilitating an AWS-enabled tax compliance solution for a leading global audit firm

#DevOps #AWS Cloud #Start-Up #CICD

DevSecOps Customers

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