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Shared Successes

Empowering Healthcare Insights with a Data Lake: Streamlining Healthcare Data with S3 Data Lake & QuickSight

HealthCare | India

Unlock the potential of healthcare data with our comprehensive guide to leveraging S3 Data Lake and QuickSight. Transform your insights and streamline healthcare data management for improved outcomes.

#HealthcareData #DataLake #S3 #QuickSight #HealthcareInsights #DataManagement #EmpoweringHealthcare

Transforming Parcel Delivery: POS Malaysia’s Path to AWS

Fintech | India

Explore the groundbreaking transformation of POS Malaysia's parcel delivery system as they leverage AWS services, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and AWS Glue, to overcome challenges, streamline operations, and provide customers with precise Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) predictions.

#CloudMigration #AWS #ManagedServices #DigitalTransformation #DataAnalytics

Efficiency Unleashed: How Minfy’s Automated Strategy Transformed UGRO’s Cloud Resource Management

Fintech | India

Discover Minfy's success story with U GRO: Proactive strategies, automated checks, and Swayam™ tool redefine resource management, cost optimization, and fiscal prudence. Explore how idle resources were addressed, S3 storage costs mitigated, and a 63 TB data transfer challenge managed, all through systematic approaches and innovative solutions.

#CloudMigration #AWS #ManagedServices #DigitalTransformation

Catalyzing Success: Cholamandalam’s DevOps Transformation Journey

This case study showcases of how Minfy, an AWS Premier Partner, helped Chola, a leading financial services provider, to improve their software deployments using DevOps solutions on AWS. The website explains the customer challenges, the Minfy solution, and the business outcomes of the project.

Minfy Unlocks New Possibilities for Ayur.AI with AI Healthcare Solutions

Ayur.AI has a deep domain knowledge and understanding of holistic healthcare practices to transform healthcare into a more proactive, preventive, and patient-centric experience by combining Ayurveda with modern science.

Pos Malaysia’s AWS Revolution

POS Malaysia

"Discover how Pos Malaysia leveraged AWS services to enhance customer experience, optimize operations, and predict Estimated Arrival Times with precision."

#CloudLogistics #ETAImprovement #AWSInnovation

Driving Agility and Cost Effectiveness for a Leading Indian Conglomerate

Dalmia | India

"Minfy's Migration Acceleration Program empowered Dalmia to make a compelling case for migrating to AWS."

#CloudMigration #AWS #ManagedServices #DigitalTransformation

Database Modernization for Leading Indian Tech Company

CYIENT | India

"Discover how Cyient, a prominent multinational technology company, partnered with Minfy to transform a major Indian mobile network company's database infrastructure."

#DatabaseModernization #AWS #Cloud

Mjunction’s Database Modernization Success on AWS

Mjunction | India

"Explore Mjunction's remarkable database modernization success story with Minfy on AWS."

#datamodernization #AWS #Cloud

POS Malaysia’s AWS Excellence: Enhancing Security, Reliability, and Cost Optimization

POS Malaysia

"Discover how Pos Malaysia, the nation's leading courier service provider, optimized security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in their AWS environment."

#AWSMigration #CloudOptimization #SecurityEnhancement #ReliabilityImprovement #CostEfficiency


Healthcare | India

"Learn how AyurAI, a pioneering deeptech company revolutionizing Ayurveda through data-driven frameworks, collaborated with Minfy to embark on an AWS transformation journey."

#WellArchitectedFrameworkReview #AWS Cloud


BFSI | India

Minfy leverages IP, a phased migration roadmap and a specialized team to ensure minimal downtime

#Cloud migration, #AWS Cloud

Dalmia Bharat Group

Manufacturing | India

Minfy brings a range of deep expertise in cloud migration and infrastructure management, adhering to AWS best practices, built upon its proven experience.

#Migration #AWS Cloud

Book My Show

Entertainment | India

Minfy leveraged IaC allowing them to Migrate and Deploy at a click of a button.

#Migration #AWS Cloud

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL)

Energy | India

Minfy aids in centralization of data and implementation of a common billing system for power users

Migration #AWS Cloud #Public Sector 

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Energy | India

Minfy aids in acceleration of innovation with the help of AWS

Migration #AWS Cloud #Public Sector 

The Bihar School Examination Board

Education | India

Minfy’ s Enterprise Cloud Architects helped the customer achieve reduced costs & downtime, high scalability & security.

#Windows Migration #Education #AWS Cloud #Public Sector 


Manufacturing | India

Minfy developed a robust and secure, DevOps compliant, AWS cloud-hosted infrastructure architecture for iQuippo for zero downtime deployments, and conduction of large financial transactions. 

#AWS Cloud #DevOps #Contruction 


Education | India

Minfy’s implementation of the DevOps compliant cloud architecture helped Trans Neuron developers meet their targets and deadlines by streamlining their efforts, with a framework for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), allowing the company to focus on innovation and creativity. 

#DevOps #AWS Cloud #Start-Up #CICD

DIT Manipur

Public Sector | India

Minfy helped The Government of Manipur’s Department of IT migrate its mission critical workloads to AWS Cloud to optimize costs and achieve scalable compute and storage in the cloud using Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC.

#Cloud Migration #AWS Cloud #Public Sector

RPS School

Education | India

Minfy leveraged AWS Services such as AWS Autoscale , AWS EC2, AWS Elastic Load balancer and AWS S3 to achieve scalability during admissions for zero downtime, whilst paying attention to cost and security. 

#Cloud Migration #Eductation #AWS Cloud

Shore Infotech

ITES | India

Minfy helps Shore Infotech overhaul their data repository for increased reliability, availability, and durability in a DR environment, whilst reducing costs.

#AWS Cloud #Disaster Recovery #Data Storage #Security 

Liberty General Insurance

BFSI | India

Minfy transformed their SAP Landscape from on premises DC to AWS Cloud, increasing speed, scalability and innovation, whilst optimizing costs.

#SAP #AWS Cloud #Digital Transformation #Cloud Adoption

Willowood Chemicals

Manufacturing | India

Minfy helped Willowood Chemicals lower IT costs and increase operational efficiency for the SAP production systems, whilst reducing downtime and improving compliance requirements.

#Windows Migration #SAP #AWS Cloud

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Public Sector | India

 Minfy helps build a cloud native business intelligence platform following AWS best practices, whilst paying attention to Capex and Opex.

#Windows Migration #AWS Cloud #BFSI #Public Sector #Big Four

Citizen Registration Portal

Public Sector | India

 Minfy has proposed a highly scalable serverless solution leveraging AWS, for an astute and resilient Digital Verification Portal for the Citizens of Assam.

#Public Sector #AWS Cloud #App Modernization 

Labaid Health Care

Health Care | Bangladesh

Minfy studied Labaid’s IT infrastructure & costs and proposed a detailed plan to migrate their applications to AWS for scalable compute and storage.

#Cloud Migration #Healthcare #AWS Cloud

Media Workload

Media | Bangladesh

Minfy assisted the cloud adoption journey for Banladesh News Company to handle an 80% increase in traffic without any hassle in customer experience, improving their website rank by 30% in the span of 3 months.

#Cloud Adoption Journey #Cloud Migration #Entertainment #Media

Knowledge Crystals

Education | India

Minfy helped Knowledge Crystals apply the DevOps methodology to their software development process, aiding development and operations morph into one cohesive method, thereby saving time, effort, and costs.

#DevOps #Automation #AWS Stack #Start-Up

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Public Sector | India

Minfy improved supply chain efficiencies across the nation by facilitating an AWS-enabled tax compliance solution for a leading global audit firm

#DevOps #AWS Cloud #Start-Up #CICD


Media | India

Minfy migrated Addatimes - an entertainment portal for the Bengali-speaking community – workloads onto the cloud, enabling the global Bengali community to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free, entertainment experience. 

#Entertainment #Cloud Migration #DevOps #Media on Cloud

Subsidiary of Indian Railways

Public Sector | India

Solution Architects at AWS & Minfy devised a strategy to re-engineer applications so that it would understand system idle time, automatically stopping the system when not in use, thereby bringing down costs below the approved budget.

#Microsoft Workload Migration # AWS Cloud #Public Sector 

SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Media | India

SMinfy helped SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd re-imagine its default backup and recovery plan by migrating data to AWS S3 and AWS S3 Glacier, enabling seamless accessibility and management of data, whilst being robust, scalable and cost effective. 

#Cloud Migration #Data Management # AWS S3 #Media on Cloud

National Skill Development Center

Public Sector | India

Minfy helped a Government body achieve operational resilience, faster time to market, and scalability benefits by moving to the Cloud

#aws #migraion #cloud


BFSI | India

Minfy helps leading FSI Organization conduct a phase-wise migration to AWS Cloud by re-hosting and re-factoring. 

#Cloud Migration #Leading FSI #AWS Cloud

Dream Bake Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing | India

Minfy conducted a Cloud to Cloud Migration from AWS Singapore region to AWS Mumbai region, reducing network latency and costs.

#Cloud 2 Cloud Migration #AWS Cloud #Cost Optimisation #Network Latency

National Skill Development Center

Public Sector | India

Minfy migrated the SAP S/4 HANA landscape for NSDC, proposing a highly secure, efficient, scalable, and available architecture.

#SAP #Public Sector #Education #Migration


BFSI | India

Minfy designed a highly scalable and fault tolerant disaster recovery, and migrated 25+ Dot Net Applications, whilst reducing both Capex and Opex

#Windows Migration #AWS Cloud #PFI

Minfy and the Government of West Bengal Plot a Path to the Cloud

Public Sector | India

Minfy sets up an innovative blockchain environment, reducing the risk of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.

#Blockchain #AWS Cloud #Amazon VPC # Public Sector

National Skill Development Center

Public Sector | India

Minfy offers a leading skill development organization, a secure and efficient solution managed with operational excellence and value-added benefits

#Managed Services, #Value Added Benefits

Global BFSI Client


Minfy helps leading FSI Organization conduct a phase-wise migration to AWS Cloud by re-hosting and re-factoring.  

#Migration, #Time to market #Cloud Migration #Leading FSI #AWS Cloud

Bridge Academies

Edu-tech | Global

Minfy helps global Edu-tech customer re-engineer their legacy applications with a demonstrable cost improvement of 28%

#DB Modernization, #Application Services

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Consulting | Global

Minfy helps global consulting giant automate its deployments thus speeding up time to studying evaluation patterns

#DevSecOps, #One Touch Deployment

VFS Global

Travel | Switzerland

Minfy enabled VFS with scale and agility while increasing the productivity and lowering their costs

#DevOps, #Containerization, #Kubernetes


BFSI | India

Minfy leverages IP, a phased migration roadmap and a specialized team to ensure minimal downtime

#Cloud migration, #AWS Cloud

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Consulting | India

Minfy helps global consulting giant automate its deployments thus speeding up time to studying evaluation patterns

#DevOps, #Automation

Kaveri Seeds

Agriculture | India

Minfy transformed the ERP Landscape from on premises to cloud, as well as leveraged AWS Infrastructure hosting SAP- S/4 HANA based on business needs, leading to 35% savings in Opex.

#SAP #AWS Cloud #Digital Transformation 

Cloud Architected Review

Security Surveillance | USA

Minfy conducted a comprehensive well architected review, proposing alterations for increased operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization and reliability.

#Well Architected Review #AWS Cloud #Cost Optimization #Operational Excellence

Bharath Financial Inclusion Limited

BFSI | India

Minfy augmented BFIL’s loan processing time and reduced dependence on manual processes to affect a 10x cost savings

#App modernization, #AWS Cloud

Berger Paints

Manufacturing | India

The SAP environment of Berger paints was migrated to AWS at minimal operational cost – making them compliant on statutory audits and DR Ready

#Cloud Migration #Cost Optimization #Disaster Recovery #SAP

Astral Pipes

Manufacturing | India

Minfy sets up Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud leveraging EBS, S3 and Cloud Endure for leading asset finance institution

#Cloud storage, #AWS Cloud

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