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The flexibility of customizations, ease of use and, the power of AI-now available as a Solution-based-Service.

Forecast AI — Demand Forecasting Solution


Traditional demand forecasting techniques face challenges with accurately predicting demand for products or services, as well as adapting to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer behaviour. Some customers have usual manual forecasting techniques for demand.

Minfy’s Forecast AI solution can create competitive advantage, reduce out-of-turn expenses and improve product mix through more accurate forecasting. Forecast AI combines data from your traditional demand forecasting solution (multiple data sources) with external data like weather, seasons, trends to create more accurate forecasts.

Energy & Resources

Load Forecasting: can accurately predict every demand at different time intervals, such as hourly, daily, or monthly, considering various factor like weather conditions, historical usage and events. This helps energy companies optimise power generations, grid management and distribution, reducing costs and ensuring stable supply.

Renewable Energy Integration: With, energy provides can forecast energy generations from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, based on historical data and weather patterns. This enables better integration of renewable energy into the grid, optimising energy dispatch, and facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable energy mix.

Assets Maintenance Planning: By leveraging predictive analysts, can analyse sensor data from energy infrastructure and predict equipment failures or maintenance needs. This proactive approach helps energy companies schedule maintenance activities, minimise downtime, and reduce unplanned outages, leading to improved asset reliability and customer satisfaction.


Demand Planning: can analyze historical sales data, market trends, and external factor to provide accurate demand forecasts for manufacturing companies. This helps optimize production schedules, inventory management, and procurement activities, reducing stockout and minimizing excess inventory.

Supply Chain: By leveraging, manufacturing can optimize their supply chain operations by predicting demand fluctuations and adjusting procurement and distribution processes accordingly. This ensures timely delivery of materials, reduces costs, and enhances overall supply chain efficiency.

Production Planning: helps manufacturing forecast future demand patterns, enabling then to plan and allocate production capacities effectively. This allows companies to optimise resource utilization, improve operational efficiency, and make informed decisions about expanding or contracting their production facilities.

Healthcare & Life Science

Inventory Management: can assist pharmaceutical companies in accurately predicting demand for drugs and medical supplies. This helps optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, and ensure timely availability of critical medications.

Supply Chain: With pharmaceutical companies can optimise their supply chain operations by forecasting demand for raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and finished products. This ensures uninterrupted productions, minimizes stockout, and reduces overall costs.

Clinical Trial Optimization: By utilizing, pharmaceutical companies can forecast patient recruitment rates for clinical trials. This aids in efficient trail planning, resource allocation, and overall trial management.

The solution package is available at a fixed price per month to the customer and includes implementation effort for one use case.

Sentiment AI — Sentiment Analysis Solution


Companies need to monitor on-line and social media data to find signals for customer experience and market fitment. Sometime there is a lot of after the fact, manual analysis that is not in time to create actionable insights.

Minfy’s Sentiment AI solution can improve customer engagement and speed up business response through targeted and near real time sentiment recommendations. Sentiment AI brings together data from various social media sources and connects to standard data repositories to create data driven insights that can be actioned quickly.

The solution package is available at a fixed price per month to the customer and includes implementation effort for one use case.

Future-proof your business now and, Do more with less.

Informed Decision Making

Improved Efficiency

High Participation Planning

Data Protection

Customizable Interface

Scalability & Growth

Reasons Why Minfy’s AI Solutions Factory are Better than everything else.

Solution Build

Minfy will bring together IP, implementation and support (along with limited domain)

Minfy’s approach of IP based solutions is agile to enable quicker time to market

Minfy will use their Industry Value Maps as the core framework to build these solutions by working backwards from customer inputs

Ongoing innovation and AI IP creation will ensure that the solution factory stays cutting edge

Minfy has the right team of experts, from developers to data scientists

Minfy will bring AWS ISV partners for complete solution development (if required)

Switch from Data-Chaos to Data-Driven Now.

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