"AyurAI's AWS Transformation: Scaling Ayurveda with Security, Reliability, and Cost Optimization"

type: Case study


Executive Summary

AyurAI is a deeptech company that started with the goal of revolutionizing Ayurveda through evidence-based, data-driven frameworks. This case study outlines how Minfy collaborated with AyurAI to leverage AWS services and implement best practices in order to overcome their scalability, reliability, security, and cost optimization challenges. By embracing the AWS Well-Architected Framework and adhering to recommended remediation strategies, AyurAI achieved significant improvements in its security standards, enhanced reliability, and improved scalability.


Secure Multi-Account AWS Environment
Ayur.AI needed to have a multi-account strategy to enhance their environment with
isolated access and a secure AWS environment, implementing best practices to protect
against potential threats and unauthorized access across multiple accounts.

Ayur.AI wanted to have an automated deployment strategy of their development environment by leveraging AWS cloud-native services with higher fault isolation.

Cost Optimization
Ayur.AI's objective was to enhance cost efficiency by identifying and decommissioning areas of unnecessary expenditure, thereby implementing effective budget forecasting measures.

Higher Availability for Application Recovery
Ayur.AI's goal was to improve application recovery capabilities, decrease downtime, and mitigate the potential impact of disruptions.

AWS Best Practice Recommendations Implemented

Operational Pillar

•  AWS Developer tools like CI/CD pipelines such as AWS CodeBuild, AWS Code Pipeline, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodeStar.
•  Tag all resources and group them with Resource Group and Tag Editor.
•  AWS SSM OpsCenter to identify the problems and record them in problem management, attach runbooks to them and track them.
•  Amazon EventBridge, wherever applicable, to receive the status of the resources created or SNS to get notified on any business-critical alerts.

Security Pillar

• Enable AWS Secrets Manager to manage secrets like database credentials and passwords.
• Implemented AWS Key Management Service.
• Implemented S3 bucket default encryption.
• Enforce Access control with the least privileges, including access to encryption keys.
• AWS Config Rules can automatically remediate noncompliant resources as part of the Landing Zone
• Configure CloudTrail for capturing User Event Behavioral Activity (UEBA)

Cost & Reliability Pillar

•  Configure AWS Budget & Cost Explorer to have budgetary forecast along with notification
•  Configure Blue/Green deployment for a better deployment strategy
•  Apply Autoscaling groups for prod instances to have a reliable environment

Customer Outcomes

Improved Scalability: Ayur.AI achieved improved scalability by implementing AWS Landing Zone with serverless architecture empowering them to handle increased workloads and scale their infrastructure seamlessly to meet evolving business demands.
Enhanced Reliability: Ayur.Ai's applications and database are operational, employing a backup strategy that entails. A 7-day retention policy for the production system and a 3-day retention policy for the non-production system.
Cost Optimization: Ayur.AI successfully optimized costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses, right-sizing resources, and capitalizing on cost-effective AWS services, leading to significant cost savings.
Security Standards: Through the implementation of end-to-end encryption, with encryption on transit and at rest. All the authentications are with SSO with an appropriate custom policy in place.


Ayur.AI has realized several customer outcomes through their adoption of AWS practices: Their improved scalability, facilitated by AWS Landing Zone and serverless architecture, has enabled seamless handling of heightened workloads and infrastructure scaling. Additionally, their operational reliability is assured through well-defined backup strategies and retention policies for both production and non-production systems. The company's commitment to cost optimization has resulted in substantial savings through resource right-sizing and leveraging cost-effective AWS services. Furthermore, Ayur.AI has achieved robust security standards by implementing comprehensive encryption measures for data both at rest and in transit, along with single sign-on authentication supported by customized policies.

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