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August 31, 2023 | Resonances Type: CaseStudy


About the Company

Mjunction is an Indian online marketplace company that specializes in e-commerce, digital procurement, and supply chain solutions. Founded in 2001 as a joint venture between Tata Steel and SAIL, Mjunction has played a pivotal role in transforming various industries by providing innovative technology platforms for buying, selling, and managing commodities and services. The company's expertise lies in creating transparent, efficient, and secure digital ecosystems that optimize business processes and drive value for a wide range of stakeholders.

Customer Challenges

Mjunction faces the challenge of migrating 120 on-premises servers, comprising primarily Linux stack (63) and some Windows (57), including SAP (24) and Non-SAP (96) workloads, to AWS cloud. The objective is to centralize infrastructure for inventory consolidation, optimize costs, and enhance operational efficiency. The underlying issue lies in their on-premises infrastructure, which contributes to elevated costs.

Why Minfy

Mjunction selected Minfy as their migration partner due to a well-established relationship as their reselling partner. Leveraging Minfy's premier AWS partnership in India and a track record of successful large-scale migrations underscored their expertise and reliability.


Minfy’s Solution

Minfy successfully undertook a substantial migration initiative for Mjunction, encompassing the migration of their 120 on-premises servers. Notably, we seamlessly migrated their critical application, Auction1.metaljunction.com, from IBM infrastructure to AWS, including the associated databases. This paved the way for the following transformative elements within our comprehensive solution:

Landing Zone Setup


A meticulously crafted landing zone was established, providing Mjunction with a secure and compliant foundation for their seamless migration to AWS. This robust groundwork ensured data integrity and compliance with industry standards.


Autoscaling high availability for Application

The implementation of dynamic autoscaling mechanisms offered the application elasticity, enabling it to automatically adjust resources based on real-time demand. This approach enhanced operational efficiency and responsiveness, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage periods.

Database Modernization


Mjunction's Oracle databases underwent a strategic transformation by transitioning to open-source managed RDS PostgreSQL and self-managed EC2 PostgreSQL instances. This modernization strategy not only elevated performance and scalability but also contributed to cost savings by leveraging open-source technology's benefits.

Tools used

Download free AWS Schema Conversion Tool for macOS AWS SCT

AWS Diagramming Icons Explained: The AWS Database Set | Gliffy by Perforce  AWS DMS

Specific Outcomes

Through Minfy's migration initiative, Mjunction achieved enhanced application performance and scalability with dynamic autoscaling, optimized costs by transitioning to open-source PostgreSQL databases, established a secure landing zone ensuring compliance, and seamlessly migrated their critical application to AWS, ensuring uninterrupted service. This modernization drive equips Mjunction for future growth while providing immediate benefits in efficiency, cost, and user experience.

About Minfy

Minfy Technologies is a Cloud Native System Integrator helping enterprises, start-ups and fast-growing businesses navigate digital journeys leveraging AI & Cloud technologies. We assist our customers in accelerating Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption and Innovation. Our transformative services include Cloud Consulting, Migration & Legacy Modernisations, Cloud-Native Application Development and DeepTech implementations while offering reliable and world class 24x7 managed services.

Reach out to us for a better world

Minfy has a repository of learnings, competencies and an enviable track record of meeting customer needs. Advice and service, solutions and responsiveness work in tandem. Begin your cloud journey, accelerate it or optimise your cloud assets. Experience business impact.

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