SREI: Streamlining Disaster Recovery with AWS

SREI Equipment Finance Ltd. has emerged as one of the major equipment financiers in India. The company enjoys a Pan-India presence with 89 branches and 4 offices, across 21 states.
SREI Equipment Finance faced the challenge of ensuring business continuity and data protection in the event of a disaster. As a leading player in the equipment finance market, SREI operated mission-critical applications and complex workloads that required meticulous planning and execution during the migration process. It was crucial for the company to minimize downtime, prevent data loss, and optimize the total cost of operations for its DR strategy.


Minfy, an AWS partner with deep expertise in cloud technology, collaborated with SREI to design and implement a phased migration approach for non-critical workloads. This allowed SREI to gradually familiarize itself with AWS cloud technology while ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
To ensure minimal downtime and prevent data loss, Minfy employed specialized tools and methodologies during the migration of complex, mission-critical applications. These tools facilitated a seamless transition to the AWS cloud environment, safeguarding data integrity and preserving the functionality of critical systems.
Minfy leveraged its proprietary intellectual property (IP) to integrate a cost-optimized file system into SREI's AWS infrastructure. This integration enabled efficient and cost-effective storage solutions for the company's DR requirements.
In addition, Minfy configured AWS Backup to facilitate cross-region snapshot replication, enhancing data protection and resilience. This approach involved creating backups in multiple regions, ensuring that critical data was replicated to remote locations, thereby mitigating potential disasters. This comprehensive DR strategy enabled SREI to detect workload impact, restore infrastructure from backups in a different region, and seamlessly perform request failover to the recovered region.

AWS Services Used

AWS backup used as a cornerstone for our DR strategy. AWS Backup enabled cross-region backup configuration, ensuring snapshots are copied to multiple regions to mitigate potential disasters. This DR strategy involved detecting workload impact, restoring infrastructure from backups in a different region, and performing a request failover to the recovered region.


•  Minimal Downtime and Zero Data Loss: The migration of complex, mission-critical applications was executed successfully, with minimal downtime and zero data loss. This ensured uninterrupted business operations and data integrity during the transition to the AWS cloud environment.
•  Optimized Cost of Operations: By leveraging Minfy's expertise and utilizing AWS Backup for cross-region snapshot replication, SREI Equipment Finance achieved a highly cost-optimized DR solution. The total cost of operations for the DR strategy was reduced to a mere 15% of the primary data center's total cost of ownership (TCO)
•  Successful DR Drill: SREI conducted a comprehensive disaster recovery drill, which validated the effectiveness of the implemented solution. The drill was carried out seamlessly, with zero data loss, further bolstering the confidence of SREI in its DR capabilities.
•  Gartner Approval: The DR solution implemented by Minfy received audit approval from Gartner, a leading global research and advisory firm. The seamless execution and robustness of the solution were acknowledged, with no observations or recommendations made by Gartner.

“Phased migration with minimal downtime and a specialised approach meant we work to a well-designed journey “

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