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SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is a media and entertainment company headquartered in Kolkata. It produces Bengali Films and distributes Bengali, Hollywood and Bollywood Films in Eastern India. Started in 1995 with film distribution, it has gone from a two-people company to one of the biggest media and entertainment houses in Eastern India, always committing to provide the maximum viewing values to its audiences in this digital age. The company has redefined the scope of meaningful entertainment on a budget and always strives to explore innovation to seamlessly drive authentic content across platforms.


The Requirement

The company wanted to re-imagine its default backup and recovery plan. Using tape drive posed a series of functional burdens. Despite being one of the oldest data backup systems even in use today, tape often tends to be unreliable, face unavoidable compatibility issues, requires expensive maintenance focus, has storage capacity limitations and portability complexities. Tapes lead to higher costs in employee involvement and require time and storage facility transformation for addressing the evolving business priorities in this digital economy. The client wanted to reduce the costly undertaking and achieve usability, security, cost savings, collaboration, convenience and synchronization benefits. It wanted to adopt a proven architecture that leads to true growth, handles the TB's of data it processes digitally, and continually creates new opportunities to improve its user experience for better engagement and value creation.


Solution Overview

Minfy offered setting up a VTL Gateway for them to archive the data on their tape drives directly to Glacier. SVF wanted to completely eliminating their tape drive eco system and replacing it with direct back up to the cloud. Hence they preferred to move the data out of the tape drives and move them in bulk to the AWS S3.

Therefore, based on multiple further discussions held at SVF’s Office in Kolkata, Minfy offered the following solutions: Current backup of 100 TB were extracted out of the Tape Drives and moved on to AWS using AWS Snowball.

All the files are transferred using Snowball was moved directly to Glacier. AWS File Gateway was configured to move
daily delta files directly on to AWS S3 Files stored on AWS S3 as the primary storage with Intelligent Tier enabled.
Files moved to S3 Standard Infrequent Access store after a period of 30 days Files move to Glacier after 90 days. For
viewing and managing files on S3 and Glacier, Cloudberry Application was used.


1. A robust and scalable infrastructure solution
2. Easy storage - no investment in purchasing hardware
3. Sync of files from On Premise to the cloud
4. Quick retrieval of files when required
5. Seamless accessibility and management and archival of media content
6. Performance boost with measurable cost saving

To conclude AWS Snowball suggested in the architecture helped move TBs of data easily from On Premise to AWS S3. File Gateway on the other hand ensured that the newer data was easily moved and stored on to S3 on an ongoing basis. This meant freeing from planning of costly storage. They don’t even have to think of having a backup of the storage as the durability of objects in the S3 bucket take care of the same.

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