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Migrate To Evolve, And Not Just Sustain

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App Modernization | Cloud Computing

Migrate To Evolve, And Not Just Sustain

Posted On March, 2021

Tech-savvy enterprises and industry leaders are recognizing the immense value cloud offers. The question is, what is encouraging them towards a cloud-first strategy?Is it increased staff productivity? Higher operational resilience?Improved business agility? Well, each of these holds significant importance for a CTO, but equally important and for some organizations, perhaps the most motivating factor to look at the cloud is its power to significantly reduce their total cost of ownership per application. Cloud enables them to take the benefit of leaner, efficient processes while they easefully leverage its economics of scale benefits to evolve and grow

DevOps and Transformation services

More than simply bringing collaboration between the development and applications team, DevOps also helps in optimizing costs for better productivity outcomes. Organizations with DevOps adoption see faster delivery of scheduled features, benefit from a stable operating environment. Costs go down as innovations go up. The steady flow of delivery models from a less but focused group of resources optimizes orchestration and results in infrequent failures across application, and production levels – thereby adding a cap on directionless or unneeded expenditures.
For a company, the complete lifecycle of an IT solution evolves at multiple stages, tying several direct and indirect expenses. From ad-hoc request to day-to-day management to occasional maintenance associated with its development is a process that grows steadily, incurring continuous expenses and with it grows the total cost of ownership. Cloud infrastructure consolidates the experiences, achieves cost efficiency through automation, and self-service features. Best of all, you can reduce the cost flexibly based on your usages. For example, during the low operating load period, you can bring down the costs as needed.

Evolve from monolithic to microservices

While monolith application refers to a unified unit, where different components are joined, microservices stand on the support of small, standalone services that work in collaboration – each service serving a unique business requirement. For challenging and resource-intensive applications, microservices provide the best solutions. It’s the way to go for better scalability, fault isolation, data security, and compliance, and for future-proofing and quicker time to market. It can transform time-consuming and resource-intensive activities.

Cloud as a driver for innovation

Cloud is a true, and realistic driver for steady innovation. It enables enterprises to reduce costs. Most importantly, in cloud computing, costs can be made predictable – allowing enterprises to manage their budgeting with greater understanding. It also drives agility because businesses can develop new applications and services more easily, and on time, even faster if needed, thanks to the self-service capabilities, elastic capability, provisioning, and automation cloud offer. Businesses can also reduce the burden on their internal IT resources by using a deployment model that is public or self-service. Cloud brings innovation in the sense that it reduces complexity and the dependency on siloed data centers.
Summed up, shifting to a cloud model makes the management of IT simple, agile, and effective. It assists in every stage of transformation and evolution, helping an organization grow at scale and competes confidently in an overburdened market. While traditionally, it was associated as a cost differentiator, now companies are pondering at its other more important values – which is its ability to enable future innovation and transformation.

Dedicated app modernization team

Minfy’s Application modernization capabilities help enterprises eliminates the need for legacy applications to be viewed as a liability.

We hold expertise in re-purposing, refactoring, re-hosting, re-coding, re-architecting, and re-building of your legacy system to realign it with your current business needs and changing market dynamics.
The migration of legacy to new application and platforms provides a number of advantages; including:
• Creation of the IT landscape with a new architectural paradigm that aligns with the dynamic business needs
• Modern development tools accelerate innovation
• Make collaboration more fluid and connected
• Short development times result quickly to market products, save money and hours of efforts in testing, development, and deployment
• Applications operating in the cloud offer increased mobility, flexibility, and process automation
• Enterprises can easily migrate their essential and non-essential assets to more effective, scalable Cloud-based systems with increased positive productivity outcomes

Well-Architected Reviews as a service

Well-architected systems offer a strategic advantage and multiply opportunities for growth. Minfy works with enterprises – helping them optimize their AWS environment in line with AWS best practices, demonstrating you how to use AWS services and make the most of them.

AWR aids in building highly secure, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for applications and workloads, based on five essential pillars – operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

How does it work:

Cloud billing services

Minfy owns specialized expertise in Billing as a service (BaaS), empowering clients to smoothly optimize their billing process, and shift complex and historic monoliths to the cloud. Adopting a newer, faster, and more flexible billing process by detaching from the legacy billing systems provides a host of advantages, including cost-cutting opportunities, driving new, consistent revenue streams, on-demand scalability, improved operations and better customer service.

Minfy’s cloud billing services uncomplicate transactional challenges and eliminate billing delays. This is especially helpful for enterprise clients, who struggle to upgrade their existing platforms to bill new services, who need to dynamically set their prices such as using a subscription-based service.

Emerging tech

Minfy’s experience in the emerging tech stack backed by the most powerful and relevant innovations, help enterprises restructure their business strategy and move towards sustainable growth. Our expertise in containers, Serverless, microservices, DevOps, DevSecOps, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI). A dedicated technology team works on emerging technologies to build use cases, deploy solutions and manage the execution outcomes for organizations in the public and private sector.

A few tools used by Minfy for informed monitoring across infrastructure, applications, and database
• Site 24×7 to monitor infrastructure – Used by our IT team to internal and external outages. It helps us examine the availability and performance trends of clients’ endpoints, internet-powered resources, servers, network and cloud resources, VMs, applications, etc. from a single console
• Sumo Logic and New Relic to monitor applications – The popular cloud-native, machine data analytics platform delivers continuous
intelligence across the entire application lifecycle and stack. It helps us manage the operation and security of modern apps, spot, correlate and analyze different types of machine data to speed up the process to identify, troubleshoot issues, and resolve issues related to performance, security, and compliance. The observability platform New Relic helps analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize the entire software stack, gives insights to improve service reliability, and accelerates time to market, letting us to the instrument and better understand our clients’ digital properties.

• Percona to monitor database – The open-source database solution, optimized for cloud computing and modern hardware, allows for
superior performance, scalability, and instrumentation; increasing agility and business growth while reducing lock-ins.

Minfy – The next-generation MSP

By choosing to work with a next-generation MSP like Minfy, businesses can benefit from short deployment time, pass on bottom-line savings to customers, reduce infrastructure overhead while leveraging the positive results that come with the regular release of new and agile cloud service capabilities.

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