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Mckinsey & Co’s report on How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever suggests, global digital adoption has accelerated by 7 years on average.1 It is clear that the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a massive influence on the adoption of technology, as organizations increasingly recognize the potential of leveraging technology – in automation, AI & ML, Cloud Computing, IOT etc– to make operations resilient, frugal, scalable & precise.

That’s where Minfy comes in. Using our Bionic Approach (to know more click here), we help enterprises accelerate Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption, and Innovation — with transformative services around Cloud Consulting, Migration Legacy Modernizations, Applications, DB Modernization, and Cloud-Native Application Development. Minfy has built synergies with Leading Public Cloud Service Providers (AWS), to serve clients across Asia, Europe and USA. Our cloud expertise extends into multiple industries including BFSI, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Public Sector. Minfy has a credible track record with 20+ wins in the Public Sector, executed 450+ migrations, resolved 100s of SMBs and are consistently growing with a CAGR of ~ 100% YOY, since inception in 2016.

Covid Context:

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world, where pandemics hit, behavioral norms are changing and cost optimization becomes more central to business operations, reliance on cloud computing is rapidly increasing. Cloud Computing has ushered in new waves of disruptive technology that has become increasingly important to the proliferation of industry 4.0 standards.

As Organizations across the world grapple with the new norms of working & resource scarcity, Minfy re-directs it’s focus into creating a pandemic friendly work environment for it’s employees, demonstrating leadership in critical situations, all the whilst making no compromises on delivery. Minfy has its own insight in balancing organizational needs and customer expectations effectively.

Best Practices Utilized for Employees:

For those employees that unfortunately tested positive, Minfy introduced COVID Wellness Leaves, with the assurance that they had complete job security. With this one could avail up to 10 leave days irrespective of the severity of infection, to completely recover and come back recharged. Additionally, special leaves could be availed in case of infection in the family, enabling employees to take time out to care for their loved ones.

Researchers estimate that feeling Anxiety is normal in situations such as critical care admission, unexpected death, secondary stresses, and social isolation before and after COVID-19. These feelings intensify as employees begin to experience lockdown rut. We understood the need for an active orientation to work & life in general. Therefore, we enabled virtual support systems, promoted social interactions through virtual sessions and organized a variety of Wellness Classes in conjunction with Ethika Work Life. Healthier life choices have a positive influence on increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism.

Minfy recognizes that Work From Home can often become like Living At Office. But, one often has to run an errand for the house, or entertain their growing children, or give themselves time to recuperate from the brutal numbers & stories spread via social media networks. Therefore, managers adopted a flexible approach when dealing with their respective teams, to help those employees adjust to the new routine of life. We recognize the sentiment when Arthur Miller’s Character Willy Loman says, “You can't eat the orange, and throw the peel away—a man is not a piece of fruit!", And actively strive to enrich our employees with great experiences & growth opportunities, restoring the balance between the employer-employee relationship.

Best Practices Inculcated by the Leadership Team:

The Leadership in the organization adopted a remote-first approach. Our employees were given a variety of necessary resources, including laptops, access to new remote-work enablement software and modes of working were utilized so that their engagement was more productive. Given the nature of work in the industry, challenges may arise at any time. Therefore, Minfy leaders made certain their 24 x 7 availability for team guidance and response to escalations, ensuring that direction was communicated frequently. Additionally, leaders enabled organizational agility by mobilizing Lean Teams. This enabled quicker response time, agility in decision-making, and greater employee engagement & morale from increased empowerment.

Despite adverse circumstances, Minfy did not compromise on its plans to expand. Minfy successfully launched a Delivery Centre in Hubli, and looked to hire aggressively post the 1st Lockdown in India. Customer obsessed, and recognizing rising demand, Minfy always looks to cater to its clients more effectively, reducing time related efficiencies, increasing up time, and outperforming their SLA expectations.

The pandemic only bolstered Minfy’s inherent belief in the value Customer-First. Recognizing the need to cater to customers more effectively, Minfy’s Leadership restructured the organization to include a new role -- Head of Customer Success, looking to directly to improve customer engagements & success.

Best Practices that Ensure Customer Success:

Minfy’s customer centric approach helps drive customer impact through customer trust and ‘get stuff done attitude’. We imbibe intellectual curiosity & structured thinking as important facets when dealing with problems, and often act as the conscience of our customers, to enable correct decision-making & organizational agility.

Empathetically understanding financial & other resources related constraints that organizations might face in the pandemic, we sought to extend customer credit durations, hoping that we could help reduce resource-related burdens for our customers. Additionally, our frugal approach towards customer I.T. Infrastructure, is and always has been a top priority. Optimizing costs in our customers infrastructural requirements without compromising on the quality of systems & processes.

Migrating to the Cloud during volatile times can be particularly challenging, so we ensured to adopt a remote-first strategy when dealing with our client's difficulties. We offered 24x7 support during the migration process, and continued to support the client even after having successfully migrated their workloads to the cloud. In the process we made sure there were no compromises on delivery, with respect to, processes, performance & support. As a result, with great pride Minfy can say, ‘we’ve lost Zero customers due to performance-related issues.’

Helping Our Customers in the Pandemic:

BookMyShow India’s biggest online ticketing platform for movies, plays, concerts, and sporting events, is known for its hyper-efficiency. Therefore, we sought to use continuous improvement frameworks to automate essential processes. Our migration team leveraged infrastructure as a code (IaaC), which served purposefully by turning complex systems and environments into a few lines of code, deploying them at a click of a button. This in conjunction with Minfy’s key value drivers ensured agility & cost optimization, so that we could progress their migration journey seamlessly, making our execution successful within the stipulated timeline & budget.

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